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Literature, what in the name of all that's Holy is that?
Well first off if you don't know what it means I doubt you'd use such a wide vocabulary when asking that question..
Oh sorry. Lit-tratch-ture, whassat?

Well in a literal sense, it applies to prose and novels of various kinds, whereas on my site, it refers to any of my ramblings and ravings that have been documeted in written form, such as philosophy, short stories, poems etc.
Yer What?
It's like, words and stuff, innit..
Oh you bloody nonce, that's jus' crap!

Oh, shut up you nauseating, little turd, your presence is no longer required, away with you!
What, over here?
Yes, yes, just go away, yes bugger off, no, no the door.. yes that's it, no, no turn, the handle! no the other way, yes now open it, no open, you know, opposite of close, no that is closing it. Where are you from the dark ages? wait no, they had bleeding doors then anyway! Oh! for f**ks sake! Yes out the window you go, yes bye, have a nice trip, yes, now fall, bye!

Now where was I, ah yes, the literature page, here you can entertain yourself by reading the junk written here:


My Theory on Death

Stories & Poems

The Survivor
Bumblefrumps and Moonbeams
Sci-Fi Short

That's all so far, but these should do for now, eh?
You can also send me your stories and other literature, via the contact page, the best one will be added here, with your name!
Also if you send another type of literature, I will open a new section on this page!