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Dinosilly movies, that's what they are. If a cartoon has Dinosilly movies at the beginning or end it can be assumed I was involved.
This section is a lovely little collection of the cartoons I have made or had a hand in. Please take note of my little rating system, heaven forbid you should watch something inappropriate for your age or location. Really, I personally don't care, but I do it so that it's your fault. Wherever appropriate I would appreciate if you paid a visit to the Newgrounds (NG) version of any of these that you like and give them a fair vote on the ol' judgement scale.

Allysaur Ratings System:
Suitable for people aged 13 and over.
Not suitable for people under 16.
Not suitable for people under 18.
Suitable for adults only, strong sex, drugs or violence
Drug references, drug taking
Explicit Language
Discrimination and/or abuse (racial/disability)
Sexual references and/or acts
Sickening, twisted or disturbing content



When You Were Young [Collab]

This is a collaborative effort with several other flash artists in the Newgrounds community. Animated accompanyment to "When You Were Young" by The Killers.
I don't have a hosted version of this, I wasn't the leader, and I can't be bothered to ask for the file.
Anyway, enjoy..



Some Halloween Story..

A dark, horror cartoon. A halloween night, a scared young boy turns to his father for comfort.
A black and white, silent movie for Halloween 2007..




Okie dokie then, this is a shitty little ditty about a chloroplast, it's a nice little children's story, which might teach you a little something, or not..

Quite morbidly imploys the concept of death to hilarious effect...



Rock, Paper, Scissors

Well this is an interesting little.. thingymabob.

I have often thought of this concept but I've never really done anything about it, till now of course. It just started as a little bit of fun and some frame-by-frame practice. But it sort of progressed and does slightly mock Japanimation in style. No sound and no colour I'm afraid, but you may be used to that with some of my other works by now...



Mario + Wario

This is another backburner to reality leaper, finished very shortly after [Computer Fight], so you can see, when I say I have several movies going at the same time, I'm not lying, they're all there at different stages of development..

Anyway, second actual sprite movie, tried to stay truer here, but some things are still better added in flash rather than by sprites... Mario and Wario in an action packed level based adventure, yes I know the sizes still need work but yeah...



[Computer Fight]

Ah! the birth of a new movie... not quite this is one of the backburners come to
realisation, one of several simultaneous developments, the first of it's friends to

A small accident with the computers turns into an all out fight to the death..




A short for the holiday season, I like to think I keep up with holidays and make little short for each this year, for the purposes of this, Easter 2006 never happened...



A Good Look

Another Ninjapimps effort, also a Japanese tale, beware of Demons, looking at them is always bad.

Sick lil Monkey



Hyakki Yakou

A Ninjapimps effort, story of the Japanese "100 Demons Night Parade" retold using artwork from the Boone Collection.

Sick lil Monkey



Bunny Suicides

A horrific tribute to a great book. Andy Riley has my full permission to hit me in the face with a raw haddock, for birthing this monstrocity, even more so for unleashing it on the public...




This is in a similar style to the Silly shorts, only by accident, since the originals died in a series of computer crashes..
However, it is coloured, slightly, to make up for that. A short informal video with a moral to it.



Street Fighter

Well I have often dabbled in many different genres and styles of animation, such as Sprite animation, often just little animated gifs and such. This is my first, full, sprite animation cartoon. Even then I couldn't stick completely to it. I think this should be fine, but if you have objections to beat-'em-ups, well.. don't watch...



Silly Shorts Collection

Back in the good ol' days of the Brackenwood forums, I had a hand in the "competion" threads, make a short cartoon, with the theme of the week, I just made a series of small, short, simple cartoons that took less than two minutes to make, and entered them. Of course I never won, but then, I didn't really try... So remember that when you watch this tragic trilogy. Enjoy.




Man, Valentines Day is a Bitch and so is Cupid, and this chick, and this guy is a bitch too, and so is being/looking sad and lonely on Valentines Day, and.....



Chelsea Smile Chaz

Here is something that I recently pulled out from inside my buttcheeks in order to satisfy those of you waiting for another toon.
A day in the life of Chaz.



Weeebl and Bob in da Hood

A sort of parody prototype thingymajig, probably insulting to both Weebl and Black people, but I don't like to think that way, no sound, alas, I can't speak "hood slang" and "weeblish" at the same time...



WTF? - Ep. 2 "Not Another Bloody One!"

And you thought it couldn;t get any more random?
again composed at 12:00 midnight, frame-by-frame randomness...



WTF? - Ep. 1 "You Mean There's More?!?!"

Nothing but complete and utter randomness, made at 12:00 midnight, frame-by-frame animation, enjoy...



Death in the Alley

This movie is sort of a mini exclusive, only one other person knows the link to where this is, so, this is the only place on the net where you can find it.
This was originally a small animation to show _Darx_ that I could animate well enough to join his Chirstmas '05 collab, so far I haven't heard back, but here it is...



Tales of the Ninja Ep. 1 - The Betrayal

The second movie of mine to be succesfully submitted to newgrounds..
First in the series of tales of the ninja, short, but hopefully gets the message across...




Suicide is Good

This is, of course, dark humour, don't like dark humour? don't watch.
Short, humourous, fake infomercial explaining the benefits of suicide for your health...



An Ant's Life

This was possibly my first full length, detailed cartoon.. Blammed as it was, ah well, here it is for you to enjoy..
Initially in the crapbox, this is afterall the beginnings of the 'toons, plus "I Hate Microsoft" is even worse.