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Hello yes, welcome, loyal site-harvesters, this is the place for Allysaur downloads (yay!).
Here you will find: torrents, files and lot's of other stuff to stick on your little computers...
Everything here is either created by me or is here by consent of it's orginal owners and creators, as before
unless it says otherwise, kindly assume it is mine and that, it is only being downloaded for your use only
if you wish to put it on your site for downloadtion, please ask the original owner and creator, thank you.


Ah torrents, some of the best things come in tightly coiled files which act as pinkslips to large downloads...
Anyway, for torrents you will need this:

and an understanding of what torrents are, so if you know just scroll past this little bit...
"A Torrent is a .torrent file for use with the program BitTorrent, it is a form of P2P network where files are shared globally,
the files are hosted on the network, and accessed by using a .torrent file, each .torrent file has a small amount of data
which points to a unique file hosted on the network and, when used in conjunction with BitTorrent, acts like a key to the file
allowing free access and downloading of it. BitTorrent is not illegal, unless the .torrent points to an illegal file hosted on
the network."

Ahed Beating Ahed's first outing into video fame, it's here by popular demand. I had no part in the content of this video, I merely edited the footage. .wmv 33.7KB


Oh yes, ZIPs and RARs of course, what would you do without them, eh?

For ZIPs you will need:
(however, most computers already have this as standard).

and for RARs:
(NOTE: WinRAR can open both .zip and .rar files so it's up to you, but this'll save space).

"ZIPs and RARs are compressed files, basically they contain a smaller version of the files you want, and you have to unzip them to access them."

There are no ZIPs/RARs available at present.


Yes, we come to the final section, Plain Files! these are just THE files on their own, no other programs to download,
nada, why? because they're so small it's unecessary to compress them.

"These are simple, just right click and select 'Save Target As...', choose the folder and, Hey Presto!
you've got the file."

Crazy Dancing Ahed vs. Headless Chicken - Banana Taste Good Official release track of the Banana Taste Good tune from the video of the same name. .mp3 3.02MB