Sci-Fi Short

He rushed through the streets, arms pumping, feet pounding the pavement beneath him, breath coming in short ragged gasps. Behind him the Police droids were speeding along, calling messages to him, he didn't pause to acknowledge their meaning but he could guess. Something along the lines of "Stop so we can apprehend you!" Thinking how he'd got into this mess as he rounded the corner, he shook his head, chuckling softly to himself. It was a humourless laugh, highlighting how pathetic he was and how screwed he was going to be, if he didn't get the hell away from the cops.
A blast of fire connecting with the wall to his left brought him out of his daydream. A second followed, narrowly missing his head and grazing his right shoulder. They were getting closer. Picking up the pace he widened the gap between them, and rounded another corner. Glancing up he noticed a cloth hanging on the fence next to him, a T-shirt! Why it was hanging on the fence was beyond him, but he didn't give a second thought grabbing it as he ran past. The ACRU on his wrist beeped, adding theft to his growing list of crimes. He heard the droids behind him speed up as they received this new information. Thankfully the T-shirt should help him to get away, they hadn't yet seen his face, but they knew what he was wearing, a quick change should buy him time.
Jumping over a nearby railing and through a bush he landed in a small wooded area close to a small brook. Quickly changing his top to his newly acquired T-shirt, he stuffed his old shirt into a small opening in the roots of a tree, and moved closer to the railing. His pursuers whizzed past, for all their advanced technology, they weren't exactly smart. He found himself praising the lack of tracking chips in ACRUs. Looking at the device he considered trying to remove it again, but stopped himself, attempted removal of an ACRU is an offence, one of which he was already guilty on more than one count. A new crime would also alert the cops to his presence, they may not know where people are, but they knew where crimes are occurring.
Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he took one last check of himself and his surroundings, and headed back out onto the street, and towards the town...