What is Going On?
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Ok, so things have a taken a spiral downwards of late. I've neglected the site and a great deal of things and just... yeah... it's all gone very backburner... But I'm at uni, and this is my final year, so I have to work hard.
Basically, to give y'all a rundown:
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Posted on 20 Jan 2013, by Headless Chicken
Updates on Siteness
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Well, since I'm studying to become a professional illustrator, I've created myself a spanking new site over at Lightfoot-Art.co.uk.

It's to basically for people to commission actual artwork from and a main page for more upscale clientèle to land on, rather than this shoddy monster.

Allysaur Business also redirects there. That's right, I'm serious! HAHA! tongue

Everything's still under construction atm though. Go me!
Posted on 21 Mar 2011, by Headless Chicken
Little Update
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Just a quick post to say I know have myself a nice little tumblelog.

You can find it at:


I also have a Twitter Account and there is a Facebook fan page for the site too.

That's all for now. tongue
Posted on 05 Jun 2010, by Headless Chicken
Ooh Eer
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I got a request from a friend of mine to design him a site, to showcase his work along with one of his cohorts.
His work is a little crazy, much like mine.
I'll post a link here to the new site, should it all go through without flaw, in the meantime you can glimpse a sneak preview here at his DevArt:


I'm sure his partner in crime has equally impressive art skillz
Posted on 05 Jun 2009, by Headless Chicken
Well, isn't this nice..
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Hello, fellows
Once again I am here to bring you great news!! :O
that's right, aside from the ongoing and seemingly perennial construction of the site, I am pleased to announce the creation of a brand new section!!

"WHAT IS IT!?" I hear you cry, foaming at the mouth, suds running down your necks and soaking you clean shirts with the semi-digested filth that once sat between your teeth.. is that just me then?.. ok..

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Posted on 26 Feb 2009, by Headless Chicken

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